MARCH 23 & 24, 2018

you'd be forgiven for thinking this is a weird place to pop up.

a hardware store? in singapore?
What looks like an old singaporean hardware store from the street, is actually one of the coolest artisan coffee joints in SEA. 
A roastery.
A craft beer bar.
A coffee workshop & barista training.
a modern and seasonal menu.
Now an urban winery project

when we began this idea in 2012,
it was difficult enough to make it happen in the centre of Adelaide. 
to think we've now made it happen in a place like singapore is unbelievable. 

WE ask that you see the vision, embrace the journey, and taste,
as we LAUNCh these wines in singapore for the first time:
Urban Winery Project Red #6 [2017] Shiraz + TEMPRANILLO
Urban Winery Project White #4 [2017] SEMILLON + SAUVIGNON.